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For decades, we have acknowledged the fact that children with intellectual disabilities (ID) will become teenagers and adults with ID, but we have never thought that someday they will also become elderly people with ID, probably because their lifespan has always been lower than that of the general population. Researchers are noting that the aging process for people with ID differs significantly from the aging process for people of a similar age, so it is necessary to adjust the care and treatment they receive in order to match it to their own characteristics and needs. Our priority is to improve the quality of VET, offering teaching staff and field professionals the opportunity to train in the framework of care for the elderly with intellectual disabilities, so that the knowledge they acquire can then be transferred to their students.


The project aims to:
  • Improve the quality of life of elderly people with ID, by drawing a map that will clearly indicate what type of bio-psycho-social characteristics and needs they possess
  • Identify the technical competencies necessary for VET teachers, as well as Direct Care professionals who work with the elderly with ID, in order to improve their professional training
  • Design a VET curriculum for professionals in the fields of Community Service and Social Health Care, and for Direct Care professionals who work with the elderly with ID, which will contain quality content to improve the training of VET teachers and the professionals themselves
  • Develop online training of the highest possible quality, that is adapted to the needs of the elderly with ID and the main target group.
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Elderly people with ID VET students who will receive better training in the field of care for the elderly with ID


  • Provide a new type of course to VET teachers in the fields of Community Service and Social Health Care, as well as to other professionals in the sector
  • Have a greater understanding of the care the elderly with ID require
  • Encourage society to take more of an interest in intellectual disabilities
  • Promote social inclusion and the elimination of social inequalities
  • Promote an attitude of social inclusion and non-discrimination
  • Raise awareness in society about the aging of people with intellectual disabilities, their specific needs and the care they need to improve their quality of life. All the documents will be available on the project’s website.
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