Curriculum for VET

The main objective of the curriculum is to provide teachers with all the technical skills they need to adequately train VET students, who will be future professionals in the field of gerontology.

This includes:

  • Specific work with the target group regarding bio-psycho-social care
  • Encouraging an approach to the conceptual framework of work with the elderly with ID
  • Comprehensive care for the elderly with intellectual disabilities
  • Methodological planning of training
  • Curriculum design of training: general and specific objectives, content, activities

The curriculum will offer teachers the most comprehensive training possible, and will cover all aspects of care, including physical health, psychological health, and emotional wellbeing. It will also have additional material that will allow teachers to illustrate the concepts learned in a clearer way. It will be a compilation of practical resources, instruments and methods to support teacher training.

Active Ageing trainer with thumbs up curriculum

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