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Causes, Signs & Symptoms of an ID in adults

Causes In most cases the main cause of an Intellectual Disability (ID) can remain unknown. However, nowadays we are aware of some causes of Intellectual …

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A little story to create local inspiration and innovation. (Part 2)

The idea base The ideas and  principles Skovsgård Hotel and other activities has been developed according to are named PHIL: P for production, as an …

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inspiration and innovation

A little story to create local inspiration and innovation. (Part 1)

People with ID becomes the resource in languishing village In the early 1990s, a hotel went bankrupt in the small community of Arentsminde. Arentsminde is …

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Ageing is easier with you

Over the last few years, the ageing rate is growing unstoppably in Spain. In 2021, it reached 129.11%, which means that there are already 129 …

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intellectual disabilities

Active Aging of elderly people with intellectual disabilities

Active Aging of elderly people with intellectual disabilities: from the individual initiative to the collective project On December the 3rd , the International Day of …

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Our 2nd Transnational Meeting is a fact

After … online meetings, we finally met Having always in mind the current pandemic situation, AIDA team have been met only online from beginning. After …

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self determination

Dilemma between self-determination and duty of care

A Swedish report by R&D-Södertörn suggests that dilemmas may arise between staff and adults with developmental inhibitions, especially when the adult with developmental inhibition eats …

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Health Promotion

Health Promotion and individual responsibility

Mastery and self-determination in relation to health promotion Meaningful, manageable and comprehensible activities promote mastery and control in the individual adult with developmental inhibition. The …

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Developmental Inhibition

Developmental Inhibition and physical activity

Body and movement Danish and international research shows that people with developmental inhibition are less physically active than the rest of the population. A number …

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Newsletter AIDA

Read our 1st Newsletter and learn about AIDA project

The AIDA project is born, and it came about from the desire of four partner countries (UK, Denmark, Spain and Greece) to meet the needs …

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What has been done so far?

What has been done so far?

  One of the first activities of our project was to carry out a “Needs Analysis” research, aiming to collect information on which are the …

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music & love festival

Music & Love does not make exceptions

Creating opportunity and communicating tasks are key elements in supporting and building up active lives, also for people with intellectual disabilities. Time is approaching for …

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Active Ageing featured website

Our website is on air

Our website is now on air and we can share the result with you. AIDA project is the new Erasmus+ project with main aim the …

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Active Ageing featured here we go

Here we go!

Our new European project Erasmus+ KA2, AIDA “ACTIVE AGEING for the ELDERLY with ID” is approved. AIDA project started on October 2020, its duration is …

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