Read our 1st Newsletter and learn about AIDA project

Newsletter AIDA
The AIDA project is born, and it came about from the desire of four partner countries (UK, Denmark, Spain and Greece) to meet the needs of elderly people with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) that haven’t been met so far and will lead them to a fully active ageing lifestyle. More specifically, there is going to be an identification of the needs and characteristics of the elderly with ID, development of a curriculum for VET professionals who support them, or care for their special needs, or even relatives who are closed to them and finally, a design and launching of the online training program. Our project aims for this specific group because their ageing process is different than the rest of the people and it starts a lot sooner (at the of 30 they have to be proactive, and at 45 they are considered elders). The 1st newsletter of AIDA is giving information on the objectives, the target groups and the outputs of the project. You can also see who the project partners are and what they have already discussed during the online meetings which took place the last months.  

You can download the 1st Newsletter of AIDA project here.


Stay tuned to learn more about the activities of our project!

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