Our 2nd Transnational Meeting is a fact


After … online meetings, we finally met

Having always in mind the current pandemic situation, AIDA team have been met only online from beginning. After a whole year, we decided to see each other physically and not only through our computer screens.

Under scrutiny protection against COVID-19, we held our 2nd Transnational Meeting in Greece!

 P-consulting.gr, our partner from Greece, hosted the meeting in Patras on 15th and 16th of November.

Partners from Spain (Errotu and Centro San Viator), Denmark (SOSU Østjylland) and United Kingdom (Bridgwater & Taunton College) were there!

What we discussed

During our online meetings, we collaborated sufficiently to reach our goals. Though, we met to discuss and exchange feedback on our work so far and structure our next steps.

First, we focused our discussion on our guide for “the Identification of the needs and characteristics of the elderly with Intellectual Difficulties (IDs)” and agreed on its final steps and of course its translation to partner languages (Greek, Spanish, Danish).

The main part of the meeting was to discuss about the development of the “online training programme for professionals involved in the care of older people with IDs”.

Specifically, we discussed and exchanged feedback on the following modules:

  • Strategies for emotional management
  • Third wave therapies for people with intellectual difficulties
  • Dementia and Cognitive impairment
  • Self-governance. Self-determination and autonomy of persons with IDs
  • Workshops and activities in order to foster the active ageing

Last but not least, our Greek partner presented the structure of the e-platform to be developed.

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Stay tuned to learn more about the activities of our project!

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