Patras – Greece | Inter-departmental seminar-event for AIDA, focusing on nursing and active ageing for the elderly.

On Tuesday, 16/5, our Greek Partner, organized an educational and informative presentation at the welcoming venue of IEK DELTA 360° VET Center. The event showcased interesting information and topics related to care and quality of life in the elderly stage including experts in the field of health sciences.

The event began with a warm welcome and registration, followed by greetings from the organizers and speakers. Various topics were presented during the seminar, and each speaker shared their perspectives on the subject of aging and the project.

First, Mr. Panagiotis G. Anastasopoulos, the General Director, and Ms. Charitini-Maria Skoulidi, co-founder of, welcomed the attendees and discussed the AIDA project, which emerged from the need to develop specialized Continuous Professional Training programs to support and care for the elderly with cognitive disabilities.

The second speaker, Mr. Greg Archimandritis, the coordinator of European projects at, presented the deliverables and recent activities of the project within and beyond Greece.

Subsequently, Mr. Andreas Archimandritis, a nurse and adult educator, elaborated on the topic of nursing and quality of life in the elderly stage, presenting various approaches and programs developed to enhance the quality of life for the elderly and ensure their care.

Lastly, Sotiria Bomboula-Michalopoulou, a psychologist and adult trainer, shared her views on improving the quality of life for the elderly through psychological support, while simultaneously discussing the psychological fluctuations experienced by individuals in their later years.

The presentations by the students of occupational therapy, nursing, and physiotherapy departments, highlighting practical examples of improving the quality of life for the elderly through interviews with individuals in their immediate environment, were also of great significance.

At the end of each presentation, there was time for questions and discussions with the audience, providing participants with an opportunity to ask questions, share opinions, and exchange ideas regarding nursing and quality of life in the elderly stage.

In summary, this seminar provided an opportunity to address important issues concerning the quality of life for the elderly and their care during this vital phase of life. Experts and attendees had the chance to learn about new approaches and practices and share their knowledge and opinions.

The subsequent exchange of viewpoints and discussions were also valuable in promoting a better quality of life for the elderly.

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